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Summer Storms a Guide to Protecting Your Cottage


protect your cottage

Summer storms a guide to protecting your cottage. Climate change and extreme weather impact cottage life. Summer storms have left a trail of destruction in their wake over the past few years. Cottagers are exposed to damage resulting from high winds, micro-bursts and tornadoes. In Ontario these events and the resultant damage is covered by most insurers The following simple steps will reduce collateral damage and possibly extensive damage to your cottage, furnishings, watercraft and docks.

Summer Storms – How to Protect Yourself – Risk Management Best Practices

• Annual audit and inspection of all trees on your
property especially those whose fall line may hit
your cottage. In many instances the cost to
remove a tree is less than the policy deductible.

• Before leaving the cottage be certain all outdoor
furniture and equipment is protected from the
wind and secured.

• Watercraft should be tied and or anchored
securely with backup safety lines.
All lines, chains and anchors should be inspected
annually to monitor for wear and replaced as

• Docks and anchor lines or chains should be
inspected regularly during the season to
ensure safe mooring for watercraft.

• Ensure grading directs surface water away from
the cottage.

• Visually inspect the cottage exterior and roof
looking for signs of wear and tear.

There is no guarantee. The above best practices are a guide to preventing or reducing the risk of loss or damage. Take a moment, take a look and take the necessary steps to protect your cottage!

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