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Cottage Insurance Freeze Up Coverage


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For R&R Plan Policy Holders


Protection for loss or damage caused by freeze up, damage to pipes, water heaters, pressure tanks and appliances is now available from the R&R Cottage Insurance Plan sold exclusively by R.Robertson Insurance Brokers.

This valuable protection is available to Secondary Cottage policy holders who use their cottage during the winter months for no additional premium. Traditional policies call for a competent person to enter the premises daily or to drain the plumbing system to be covered for loss or damage during the heating season.

The R&R Cottage Insurance Plan provides coverage when your property is monitored by a first alert temperature sensor. The temperature sensor must monitor interior temperature and call you, your maintenance person or a monitoring company if the temperature falls below 8 degrees Celsius/46 degrees Fahrenheit.

A low cost solution to temperature monitoring is provided by your local Home Hardware who market a plug in sensor catalogue number 5570-928 Freeze Alarm model number FA-1-CAA which plugs in to your AC circuit, has built in battery backup and connects to your telephone.

Help us, Help you, and protect you cottage from the tragic consequences of a freeze up!

Cottage Insurance just got better! Call us for more information and a free quote.

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