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  1. Cottage Insurance Freeze Up Coverage

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    For R&R Plan Policy Holders


    Protection for loss or damage caused by freeze up, damage to pipes, water heaters, pressure tanks and appliances is now available from the R&R Cottage Insurance Plan sold exclusively by R.Robertson Insurance Brokers.

    This valuable protection is available to Secondary Cottage policy holders who use their cottage during the winter months for no additional premium. Traditional policies call for a competent person to enter the premises daily or to drain the plumbing system to be covered for loss or damage during the heating season.

    The R&R Cottage Insurance Plan provides coverage when your property is monitored by a first alert temperature sensor. The temperature sensor must monitor interior temperature and call you, your maintenance person or a monitoring company if the temperature falls below 8 degrees Celsius/46 degrees Fahrenheit.

    A low cost solution to temperature monitoring is provided by your local Home Hardware who market a plug in sensor catalogue number 5570-928 Freeze Alarm model number FA-1-CAA which plugs in to your AC circuit, has built in battery backup and connects to your telephone.

    Help us, Help you, and protect you cottage from the tragic consequences of a freeze up!

    Cottage Insurance just got better! Call us for more information and a free quote.

  2. Cottage Rental – Managing the Bookings


    Cottage Rental

    Who has been sitting in my chair? Who has been eating my porridge? Who has been sleeping in my bed?  We all recognize this famous excerpt from the all time favorite nursery rhyme, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

    When you decide to rent the family cottage you must accept the fact that others will be using and enjoying your cottage.  Some cottagers purchase the cottage as a revenue stream using the cottage when not rented.  For others renting the family cottage is a heart wrenching decision.  Whether the cottage is an income property or the family cottage, renting the cottage produces a revenue stream paying annual operating expenses, taxes, maintenance and improvements plus leaving a little for you to enjoy.

    Once you have decided to rent the next question is do you act as the property manager and solicit, screen, book and collect rents from prospective tenants or do you engage a professional rental agency.

    Rental agencies offer a wide range of services ranging from advertising your property and introducing prospective tenants to you to providing a full service rental package. Typical rental services that are available:

    • Advertising your property with an interior and exterior photo gallery and full description of your property
    • Booking and screening prospective tenants
    • Collecting rental deposits and rental income
    • Housekeeping and grounds keeping services pre and post rental
    • Cottage maintenance and upkeep
    • Emergency maintenance services

    Bill Dewey of WRD Haliburton started his business offering full property management services to Canadians living overseas who wished to rent their cottage when they were not using it. To this day Bill continues to provide a wide range of services designed to meet his clients needs.

    Renting the cottage is a business decision that is financially rewarding and a great way to reduce ownership costs. Keep in mind that the costs associated with the rental of the family cottage are real and must be measured in terms of time and dollars spent against earned rental income.

    Future cottage rental articles will discuss presentation, risk management and loss control, insurance needs, price and availability.

  3. Summer Storms a Guide to Protecting Your Cottage

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    protect your cottage

    Summer storms a guide to protecting your cottage. Climate change and extreme weather impact cottage life. Summer storms have left a trail of destruction in their wake over the past few years. Cottagers are exposed to damage resulting from high winds, micro-bursts and tornadoes. In Ontario these events and the resultant damage is covered by most insurers The following simple steps will reduce collateral damage and possibly extensive damage to your cottage, furnishings, watercraft and docks.

    Summer Storms – How to Protect Yourself – Risk Management Best Practices

    • Annual audit and inspection of all trees on your
    property especially those whose fall line may hit
    your cottage. In many instances the cost to
    remove a tree is less than the policy deductible.

    • Before leaving the cottage be certain all outdoor
    furniture and equipment is protected from the
    wind and secured.

    • Watercraft should be tied and or anchored
    securely with backup safety lines.
    All lines, chains and anchors should be inspected
    annually to monitor for wear and replaced as

    • Docks and anchor lines or chains should be
    inspected regularly during the season to
    ensure safe mooring for watercraft.

    • Ensure grading directs surface water away from
    the cottage.

    • Visually inspect the cottage exterior and roof
    looking for signs of wear and tear.

    There is no guarantee. The above best practices are a guide to preventing or reducing the risk of loss or damage. Take a moment, take a look and take the necessary steps to protect your cottage!